Journal of Statistical Approaches in Research

A peer reviewed annual research journal

ISSN : Applied


The Journal of Statistical Approaches in Research (JSAR) is an annual peer reviewed e-journal published by the Department of Statistics, Gauhati University. The Department of Statistics is among the oldest departments of the university. More details about the department can be found at

The journal does not confine itself to any specific geography. Its appeal and audience is universal and seeks to promote greater usage of Statistics in all branches of knowledge. All submissions to the journal will undergo a rigorous double blind peer review process. The journal does not charge any fees and has a zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. All issues of the journal will be published with ISSN identification.

Aims & Scope

  • The Journal aims to publish carefully referred original research articles, literature reviews and case studies related to any branch of Statistics (both applied and theoretical) including the interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary domains of Data Science, Computational Statistics, Large Data Analysis, Industrial Statistics, Operations Research, Population Studies.

  • Contributions on statistical and data analytical applications in Management, Finance, Commerce, Medicine, Economics, Education, Psychology, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology and likeminded areas are welcome.

  • The principal aim of the journal is to promote and show case quality research in the core and allied domains of Statistics with emphasis on statistical applications and theoretical developments.

  • The core objective is to report frontline research initiatives, approaches and thinking, strengthen academic exchange, and contribute to the growth of the discipline.

Guidelines for Authors

Why publish in JSAR?

  • Double blind peer reviewed journal (with at least two positive referee recommendations)

  • ISSN identification

  • No publication fee

  • Fast review process. The first review should usually reach the authors in about 10 weeks.

  • Fast publication – this is an e journal and will be hosted in the website of Gauhati University.

  • Free downloads

  • Zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism

Review Process

All contributions to the journal shall be put through a rigorous double blind peer review process. The review time will usually be two/three months for the first review report to reach the authors. Once a paper is submitted, it will undergo a process of internal preliminary screening to judge the suitability of the paper with the aims and scope of the journal. If this stage is cleared, it will be assigned to reviewers for technical review subject to plagiarism clearance. The journal adopts zero tolerance policy towards plagiarism. A positive report from at least two reviewers will be necessary for acceptance in the journal.

Manuscripts rejected will not be returned to the authors. A manuscript sent back to an author for revision should usually be returned to the Editor within a month from the date of return.