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The journal Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology, Gauhati University is a peer reviewed national journal (ISSN : 2230-9527). The publication of the journal started in 1972 as a mouth piece for Anthropological Research in North East India. The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for dissemination and exchange of Anthropological Research in the region. Currently the journal has evolved into a national journal with the acceptance of writings from pan Indian Anthropologists and Anthropological researchers.

Papers dealing with empirical research, advances in Anthropological techniques, areas of study, research methodologies and developmental aspects are encouraged. Special emphasis is given to studies on North East Indian context. Review work, book reviews and reports of ongoing research are also published.

Ethics Policy

  • The author(s) must ensure that submitted papers are original, previously unpublished and fully referenced.

  • It must not be submitted to any other journal for journal for consideration.

  • In case of joint authorship, the corresponding author has to be identified and he/she will be deemed as responsible for the authorship and all communication. Any conflict of interest must be disclosed in writing.

  • The author(s) must disclose the source of all data and third party material used for preparing the data.

  • Submitted papers will go through a preliminary editorial review whether they conform to the ethics and principles of the journal. The opinion of the Editorial Board will be final.

  • The received papers will be subjected to plagiarism test with recognised software as may be decided by the Editorial Board. Papers having similarity less than 10% will be sent for peer review.

  • The peer review would be double blind review.

  • The author(s) must understand that once published in the Bulletin of the Department of Anthropology, Gauhati University, the copyrights of the published material is with the Department of Anthropology, Gauhati University.

Guidelines for Authors

General Guidelines

  • Papers for publication will be received throughout the year and the date of completion of the review process would be taken as the date acceptance.

  • For a given issue papers must reach the Editor by October 30th of the year.

  • Submitted manuscript should be accompanied by a declaration of its originality and not being submitted to any other journal for publication.

  • The submitted manuscript should have a cover page giving the title of the paper; author’s name, affiliation, complete address with email id. and phone number and corresponding author in case of more than one author.

  • The full paper would be from the next page.

  • The text of the submitted manuscript should be double-spaced with 1 inch margin on both sides.

  • Manuscript should be neatly typed in MS word using 12-point type in Times New Roman font and line spacing of 1.5.

  • Heading should be typed at the centre of the page and sub-heading along with the paragraph.

  • Abstract of the paper should be within 250 words.

  1. Abstract should contain a brief introduction, objectives of the study, methodology, and significant findings.

  2. At least four and maximum of six keywords should be given with abstract.

  • Referencing and in-text references should be in the American Psychological Association format.

  • All responsibility relating to the data, interpretation, observation and comments furnished in the paper will be with the author of the paper.

Structure of the Paper

  • Length of the paper should be within a maximum of 8000 words.

  • Paper is expected to have an introductory section outlining the context and background of the work.

  • Objectives and hypothesis/ research questions (if any) need to be specified.

  • This should be followed by an extensive methodology, result and discussion.

  • The concluding section should summarise the broad findings, inferences of work and recommendations if any.

  • Tables/graphs/figures should be sequentially numbered, appropriately titled and added after reference.