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Guidelines for Authors

Referencing Style

List all sources cited in the text in a section at the end titled “References.” Place them in alphabetical order. Include all authors’ names. Reference citations within the text should include the author’s surname and the year of publication as follows:

In the text, references should be in the following forms: (Johnson, 1988); (Prasad & Yadav, 2006). When papers are by three authors, use all names on the first mention and thereafter abbreviate to the first name et al. For papers by four or more authors, use et al. throughout. The list of references must include all publications cited in the text. However the list of references should not include any paper which has not been cited in the text of the paper.


Last name, Initials (Year). Book title: Subtitle. Place: Publisher.


  1. Medhi, J. (1994). Stochastic Processes. Second Edition. New Age International (P) Limited, Publishers, New Delhi.

  2. Hosmer, D.W. and Lemeshow, S. (2000). Applied Logistic Regression. Second Edition. Wiley, New York.

Book Chapters

Chapter author’s last name, Initials (Year). Essay title. In: Editor’s last name, Initials (ed.). Book title. Place: Publisher: Page numbers


  1. Ginsburg, F.D. and Rapp, R. (1995). Introduction: Conceiving the new world order. In: Ginsburg, F.D. (ed.). Conceiving the new world order: The global politics of reproduction. Berkeley: University of California Press: 1‒17.


Last name, Initials (Year). Article title. Magazine/Journal/Newspaper Title Volume number (Issue number): Page numbers.


  1. Aguiar, M., Hurst, E., and Karabarbounis, L. (2013). Time use during the great recession. American Economic Review 103(5): 1664–1696.

Conference Proceeding

Last name, Initials (Year). Paper/presentation title. Paper/Poster presented at Name of conference, Location of conference, Date(s) of conference.


  1. Beegle, K., De Weerdt, J., and Dercon, S. (2005). Orphanhood and the long-run impact on children. Paper presented at IUSSP XXV International Population Conference, Tours, France, July 18‒ 23, 2005.

Report or Working Paper

Last name, Initials (Year). Working paper title. Place: Institution (Series title and number).


  1. Shkolnikov, V.M., Andreev, E.M., Houle, R., and Vaupel, J.W. (2004). The concentration of reproduction in cohorts of US and European women. Rostock: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR working paper WP-2004-027).

Website Content

Corporate body (Year). Title of the page [electronic resource]. Place: Publisher. url. Date of retrieval.


  1. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2007). Chronic disease prevention [electronic resource]. Atlanta: National Center for Chronic Diseases Prevention and Health Promotion. Retrieved on 25/07/2019.