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Surabhāratī is the Peer-reviewed Annual research Journal of the Department of Sanskrit, Gauhati University which it has been publishing regularly since 1994. This is a bilingual journal and papers written in English and Sanskrit only are published here. The first volume of the journal was published in 1994 as Women Special Volume and the editor was Prof. Ashok Kumar Goswami, the noted orientalist of Assam and a former Head of the Department of Sanskrit. The prime focus of the journal is to publish research oriented papers related to Sanskrit and Indological studies. Since its first publication the Journal aims at stimulating original thinking and research, dealing exclusively with the unparalleled wealth of Sanskrit literature. The journal provides platform to the teachers and researchers of Sanskrit and Indology for publishing their works with a boost for pursuing intense research in the field. The Journal considers reviews and research papers related to Veda and Vedic Studies, Epics, Purāṇas, Smṛti and Dharmaśāstra, Classical Sanskrit Literature, Sanskrit Grammar and Linguistics, Indian Philosophy, Buddhist Literature and Philosophy, Jaina Literature and Philosophy, Ancient Indian Sciences, Indian Aesthetics, Poetics, Religion and Culture, Indian History, Contemporary Sanskrit Writings, Manuscriptology and Palaeography for publication in the Journal. Research papers of Interdisciplinary nature will also be given preference.

The Journal has a well-defined editorial board and editors. The Head of the Department is the ex-officio Chief Editor. For each volume an editor is nominated by the Departmental Advisory Committee. A five member Editorial Board is constituted for each volume consisting of teachers from the department as well as other universities.

Guidelines for Authors

  1. Original articles on any branch of Indology, review of recently published Indological books, review of earlier issues of Surabhāratī may be submitted through the Author Submission Facility ( in two copies, one in MS Word and one in PDF form) for publication by all categories of teachers and researchers belonging to any discipline. There is no word limit for the papers. But the papers should preferably be of not more than ten typed pages (A4 size paper).

  2. The author has to attach a self-certification to the effect that the write-up has not been published or sent for publication anywhere else.

  3. Name, address, designation, institutional affiliation, phone no. and email id of the author must be provided.

  4. Non- English terms are to be written using diacritical marks wherever applicable and the same are to be italicized.

  5. Notes and references are to be given either as footnotes or end-notes using serial numbers for which there should be corresponding superscripted number in appropriate places in the body of the text.

  6. The articles will go through a peer-review process and a plagiarism test. The comments from the reviewers will be communicated to the author.

  7. The author will be informed about the acceptance or otherwise in due course of time.

  8. In case an article is from more than one author, then the corresponding author (who will be considered as the main author) must clearly indicate to facilitate correspondence.

  9. The decision of the editorial board is the final (The editorial board reserves the right to reject any submission for reasons considered appropriate).