An interdisciplinary journal of North East India Studies

ISSN : 2347-2669

Call for Papers

The GUINEIS Journal is now open for submissions for its 9th issue due in early 2023.

We invite papers that study the region from an interdisciplinary perspective and are clearly conscious about the way such an approach enables a better study of the area. We are interested in papers that reflect on methods for studying the region, on NEI studies as an interdisciplinary area studies project, on the politics of the category ‘North East India’ and on its historical, cultural and social realities, as well as its geographical character, its geological composition and its environmental resources and threats. (For details of its Aims and Scope, Ethics Policy, and Style please refer to the Gauhati University Journals website at which hosts all journals published within the institution).

Merely descriptive accounts are generally not welcome unless we identify something new or unknown that needs to be introduced, in which case we take a decision to invite such an article. Generally if we receive too many articles of a similar nature or studying the same state, we will select the one that meets the requirements of the journal most effectively.

Following the somewhat larger double issue we published in 2022, with this issue we revert back to our general practice of seven to eight critical essays, an interview, a piece from the archives and book reviews.

Potential contributors may send their papers for consideration to the Journal’s email, by October 31, 2022 in keeping with the format, word count and style followed by the Journal and written in clear, correct English. All submissions should be accompanied by a covering letter mentioning the title of the paper, the affiliation of the writer and a declaration to the effect that ms is not under consideration with any other journal. It would be advisable to also send an anti-plagiarism certificate with the paper. The identity of the writer should not appear anywhere on the manuscript. All such information may be submitted in a separate file or be given on the covering letter itself.

CFP Special Issue (GU 75th anniversary): ‘Cities of North East India’

This year in celebration of the 75th anniversary Gauhati University we are also bringing out a special issue of the GUINEIS Journal on ‘Cities of North East India’ (if funds permit a special issue may become a regular feature in the future). Cities and towns have developed unevenly in different parts of the region. While a city like Guwahati, the capital city of the state of Assam, is centuries old and finds mention in many ancient and medieval texts, others have much shorter histories and very different trajectories of formation. The examination of the development of cities /urbanization, the flow of people through them, the historical layers through which they have moved, topography, proximity to rivers and hills, reasons for change, are all aspects that tell stories about the entire region. How have relationships amongst human and non human, outsiders and the indigenous evolved in them? What has been the impact of the layout and divisions of localities and neighborhoods, on cultures of living and interactions, on the practice of political cultures and on the awareness of environmental threat? What is the relationship between the cities and the rural areas that surround them? How have these NE cities mediated between mainstream cultures from the rest of India and local cultures of the region, and between the modern and the traditional?