An interdisciplinary journal of North East India Studies

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Call for Papers

The GUINEIS JOURNAL is now receiving submissions. We hereby invite researchers in various disciplines within the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, sciences, commerce, management, information technology and architecture to submit their research on issues relating to the North East of India, for consideration for publication in the journal. The journal publishes articles (5000-7000 words), work in progress (5000 words), a selected piece from the archive on the NE, an interview/conversation with a prominent writer/artist, intellectual, or activist from the region, reviews (2000 words) and review essay (3000-5000 words).

Any piece that is submitted should be original, unpublished, not already sent to some other publication and free of plagiarized content. The journal follows a two tier review process. Following a preliminary editorial review papers are sent for a double blind peer review.

All submissions should be neatly typed in MS Word using A4 page dimensions, 1 inch margin on all sides, Times New Roman style, 12 point font and line spacing of 1.5 lines. Notes (only Endnotes) should be kept to a minimum and only used when absolutely necessary. Papers and reviews should be submitted as an email attachment to the editor of the journal and sent to

All responsibilities relating to the data, interpretation, observation and comments furnished in the paper/review will be with the writer(s) of the paper/review only. The first page of the paper /review to be sent to the journal should clearly indicate title of the paper, the name(s) of the writer(s), their designation(s) and institutional affiliations(s), and their email id(s). The rest of the paper should contain no identity markers. Papers should be accompanied by an ‘Abstract’ of 300 words and five to six keywords. These are to be followed by the main body of the paper, Endnotes and References in that order. In case of a review, all important information about the book – author, place of publication, publisher, number of pages, ISBN number and price – should be given.

References and citations should follow the APA style. The APA style is included as an option in the REFERENCES tab of Microsoft Word (Version 2007 and newer). Please note that the list of references should only include the works cited in the paper. There are provisions for attaching black-and-white or coloured tables, graphs, diagrams, maps, and photographs but these must be properly credited with references and where necessary permissions sought and submitted to the journal..

Responsibility relating to violation of copyright in this regard will lie only with the writer(s) of the paper/review.

A plagiarism check might if necessary be run using a standard plagiarism checker.

All communication should be through only.

Soft copies of papers may be sent by email to . The journal does not charge any fee for publication.